M&P 9C & M&P Shield Similarities:

  • Smith & Wesson’s super hard Melonite to protect against the environment
  • Smooth edges and lines – nothing to catch clothing on
  • Textured slide stop which makes it easy to operate the slide
  • Smith & Wesson’s trigger safety which leads to better shot placement
  • Both have 6.5 lbs of trigger pull
  • Both the M&P 9C and the Shield have a witness hole to see if the gun is loaded
  • Both the M&P 9C and the Shield come standard with two magazines
  • Both are striker fired firearms

Personally, I’ve been carrying the M&P 9C for over two years now, and with Smith & Wesson’s super hard Melonite coating, there is only one tiny blemish on the ejector. The M&P 9C has never failed on me, I’ve never had to replace any parts, and it is extremely easy to carry.

I received the M&P Shield on a trade – I worked out a deal in which I was able to get a used M&P Shield for about $400 bucks. In my opinion, the Shield has a much better trigger pull than the M&P 9C, but there are some features that the M&P 9C has that the Shield doesn’t have.

M&P 9C Features:

  • 12+1 double stack magazine capacity
  • Ambidextrous thumb safety
  • Ambidextrous slide stop
  • Slightly longer barrel
  • Suggested retail $719

M&P Shield Features:

  • 8+1 single stack magazine capacity
  • Slimmer safety which might give you a couple of seconds of time if someone gets your gun
  • Superior trigger pull
  • Superior trigger reset
  • Sleeker design
  • Lighter

The Shield is one of my favorite firearms on the planet.

M&P 9C VS M&P Shield Specifications

Feature Smith & Wesson M&P; 9C Smith & Wesson Shield
Weight 21.7 oz. 19.0 oz
Capacity 12+1 7 and 8+1
Front Sight Steel Ramp Dovetail Mount White Dot
Rear Sight Steel Novak® Lo-Mount Carry White 2-Dot
Overall Length 6.7″ 6.1″
Frame Width 1.2″ .95″
Height 4.1″ 4.6″
Trigger Pull 6.5lbs 6.5lbs


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