It’s not something you want to hear while waking down the street drinking your milkshake! Out of all the disasters that could effect human race, there is one type of disaster scenario we all love to fear, the Zombie Apocalypse.

When negotiations breakdown
Ok, you’ve been fair, you’ve tried to reason, but negotiations are breaking down. Whether it’s the undead or a rogue gang after your cherished supplies, sometimes you need to stop the conversation and send a stronger message.

Here’s my pick:

A shot gun is the apocalypse survivalists best friend, effective at close and medium range the shotgun also generates forward momentum ensuring what goes down stays down, even the undead. When you wave a shotgun in someones face it sends the message you don’t want to be friends.

My Choice

In a post apocalyptic world I believe that reliability and ammo commonality are the primary requirements, both the shotguns below are common and reliable.

Assault Rifles
Staring down a hoard of the undead? Need to send an message to would be attackers? Need to lay down some suppressing or covering fire? When you need to get a job done, you need an assault rife. Whoever is on the receiving end of these is going to have a bad day.

My Choice

Lot’s of choice here of course and during your post apocalyptic career you’ll probably chop and change however i’d start with the following:

Hand Guns
Forget a single hand gun, go the dual handgun approach. Double the killing power, can be aimed in two different directions and allows double the firing rate. Maybe not highly-practical however when you need to get your opinion across you need to intensify the message.

My Choice

No doubt you’ll end up using whatever you can get your hands on. If possible i’d start with:

Sniper Rifle
The perfect solution when you just have to reach out and touch someone. Heavy, poor in close quarters a sniper rifle is however the only choice for distance and precision.

My Choice

I’m going to forget for a moment that there might be some ”difficulty” in obtaining some of these however here’s what i’d like to keep at the ready:

When a silent approach is required a crossbow can be a very effective weapon. Popular culture states that Zombies are attracted to sounds. The crossbow is easy to reload and quiet, an assets in a world where stealth is required.

My Choice

Grab one of these in your next “supermarket raid”

Getting up close and personal
Now we are getting up close an personal. If you’re running low on ammo and need to do a beer run, then your going to need to get more friendly with the natives, here’s how you can ensure that you’re the one ending any disagreements.

The sword is a must-have for any survivor for several reasons, no ammo requires, it’s highly portable, it’s deadly and always ready. I’d steer clear of the heavy types and look for the light strong and types like Katanas.

My Choice

I’d skip everything and get my hands on a samurai sword. Katanas are super sharp and small

A dual purpose tool, the machete’s not only effective for attacking zombies but you can also use it to clear brush and get through forests, nice!

My Choice

Dosen’t matter anything sharp go for a brand name if possible like:

Chop wood, and cut zombies heads off, honestly what more do you need.

My Choice

Again, post apocalyptic can be choosers so anything that looks like you can swing it with a purpose:

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M,Justin is a survival enthusiast who loves camping, the outdoors, gadgets and being prepared.


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