Build An Underground Shelter

Severe weather, tornados, extreme storms, if you’re looking for the next level in protection for your family it might be time to consider building an underground shelter. A shelter built underground can withstand very high winds, and almost any “above ground” extreme weather. An underground shelter can be built virtually anywhere.

But before you go rushing off to get the spade and start digging there are a few things to consider first.

Private and Inconspicuous

The most important factors when building any survival shelter, whether above ground or underground is privacy. It’s critical that your neighbours do not know what is going on. You should keep such structures a secret.

DIY or Professional

Building a shed in the backyard is considered a fairly simple structure to build. You level off a surface, erect a frame, put up walls, a roof and you’re done. Building underground can be considered more of an engineering project due to the challenges involved. Before getting into such a project it’s best to have an honest think about your skill level.

– Are you an advanced handy man or engineer?

– Are you prepared to do some serious research and build to plans?

– Do you need approval to dig a big hole in your back yard that could effect other surrounding properties?

– Do you have experience with concrete, soil density and drainage

If you plan to dig underneath your house you need to consider what’s structurally holding it all up? When you dig you will most likely come across electrical wire runs, drainage and other such things. Do you have equipment to detect and work around that?

If that all sounds too hard, it might be a job for the professionals.

Getting professionals involved

Shelters can be built under your home. How cool would it be to have a complete Underground Shelter right under your house. You could have hidden entrances, hidden exits and be completely safe no matter what the disaster.

Professional firms can design and build unique shelter designs. You can create a underground rooms, connect rooms together to form a maze of rooms. Or create a complete alternative living space.

For example check out, the pictures of what they can create and engineer are simply amazing.


Going it alone * I strongly advise against building your own underground shelter * 

However, if you want to build your own you’ll most likely want to build it using tried and tested concrete and metal. This is the strongest of materials that you will be able to afford and will fit into the confined spaces that you have. You also have the option of choosing a kit build system. Typically the kits cost a bit more but are already halfway finished making the process a lot easier for you. Finally, don’t forget things like proper ventilation. If you have to remain in the shelter for a number of hours with a family, air can run out fast. Proper ventilation is a must!

Not Just for disasters

A shelter doesn’t have to be just for running into in the event of a disaster. When you have a shelter you also have a wine cellar,  underground storage for stuff, a cool place to hang out when it’s hot, a shelter for electronic equipment that might be damaged from a mass solar ejection.

A note about this article: This article is for information purposes only, I am not a engineer nor have I played one on TV. Always consult a professional before and large scale construction project.

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