Which is the Best Backpacking Hatchet to Take Camping 

Which is the Best Backpacking Hatchet to Take Camping 

Nothing is more enjoyable than when you go camping to enjoy the warmth of a campfire and the peacefulness of nature. Wood is a necessary component for the full camping experience. However, there is no way that the wood will cut itself. This is why you need to bring a good quality backpacking hatchet with you.

When it comes to choosing the best backpacking hatchet for your adventures, you need to consider certain things first. This way, you’ll be able to determine your needs so you select the best one for your specific needs and situation.

Before we look at these tips and considerations, we will review some of the best camping hatchets available for you to purchase on the market today.

5 of the Best Backpacking Hatchets

1. Best Budget Hatchet for Camping

Suppose you are looking for backpacking axes that you can use to chop up small or medium-sized logs or kindling without much effort. Fiskars 378501-1002 X7 Hatchet is a great option.

As you swing it, you’ll notice that the speed increases, providing you with a great deal more power, similar to that you’d get with an aluminum baseball bat.

This lightweight quality hatchet has a sharp blade due to its unique grinding technique. You will notice that as you chop into the wood you are left with clean cuts.

Also, the addition of the low friction coating to the blade has been designed to ensure that the sharp end’s chances of being stuck in the wood are reduced.

If you accidentally drop or misplace yours, you will find it relatively easy to find because of its vibrant orange color.


  • It comes at a very affordable price
  • It is ideal for using to split kindling and small logs
  • It is a relatively lightweight hatchet


  • It is only suitable to use to chop up small or medium size logs
  • There is a risk that the blade may chip
  • To keep in good condition will require a lot of maintenance

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2. Best Most Durable Hatchet for Backpacking Purposes

If you are looking for a backpacking hatchet that will last, then look no further than the Estwing Sportsman’s Axe. It is just 14.25 inches long and weighs only 2.25 lbs.

The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is made of one piece of forged steel. The steel handle is covered by a comfortable grip made of rubber. So when using it to cut up logs, you’ll find that the amount of shock that travels through it into your arm is reduced.

This is of a lightweight design, so you’ll find it is easy to carry around even on long hikes. Plus, its design doesn’t take up a great deal of space inside your backpack. You can even carry it by hanging it from a belt.

Finally, it also comes with a sheath constructed of heavy-duty fabric that helps protect the stainless steel blade and you.


  • The single forged blade design isn’t only durable but also comfortable to hold
  • It works well not only for small axe tasks but also for a bushcraft hatchet


  • Trying to chop up larger pieces of wood can prove challenging
  • For such a good quality ax, the blade could be a little sharper
  • Takes a bit of front end effort to be able to maximize its usability

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3. Best Backpacking Hatchet When You Go Hiking

If you are looking for a good quality axe for backpacking trips, look no further than the Schrader SCAXE10 Full Tang hatchet.

As soon as you take it out of the packaging, you’ll notice how sharp the blade made from stainless steel is. Also, you’ll be able to use it straight away without needing to sharpen it first, as the cutting edge on the blade is ready to go.

Whether you will be splitting firewood or cutting up logs, you will discover that this one is easy to grip. It is fitted with an ergonomic grip and is made from black TPR rubber. This rubberized handle lets you hold the axe in your hand comfortably and helps to provide plenty of shock absorption as you are splitting logs.

As one of the smallest hatchets on our list, you’ll notice it isn’t only great to use as a camping hatchet but also as a survival hatchet.


  • The built-in ergonomic handle provides you with a comfortable grip
  • Comes with a thermoplastic sheath to provide you with maximum protection
  • Full tang design makes this one of the most attractive looking hatchets for backpacking purposes


  • May be too small in size to use effectively

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4. Best Lightweight Design Hatchet to Take Backpacking

A wide range of lightweight backpacking axs are available but very few can compete with the Lexivon V14 camping hatchet.

This entire hatchet has been designed to make sure it is easy to use when cutting up kindling, firewood, or logs. This axe blade’s aggressive angles are designed to provide maximum efficiency and a better power to weight ratio. So, it should only take one attempt to cut the logs up.

As for the blade, this is very durable as it is made from Grade-A forged carbon steel. Plus, the blade has been heat-treated to help harden its cutting edge. This leads to the cuts made into any wood being much deeper and cleaner.

As for the handle, this one is made from reinforced injected fiberglass. The design is such that it has excellent shock absorption qualities and comes with an anti-slip grip. Plus, the innovative design of this hatchet handle is weather resistant.


  • The aggressive cutting angles of the blade make it perfect for chopping medium and large chunks of wood
  • The unique powder-coated back spine helps to prevent the blade from corroding
  • It is equipped with a long steel axe handle which will not break off easily


  • It is one of the more heavy backpacking hatchets on our list and may be difficult to carry

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5. Other Good Backpacking Axs You Can Buy

If you are looking for a backpacking hatchet that feels steady when in your hand, then look no further than the Gerber Pack hatchet camping axe.

As well as being the lightest, this hatchet is also the smallest. It measures 3.5 x 1 x 9.46 inches, of which 3.5 inches is the stainless steel blade.

All full tang camping axes are very popular because the axe head extends down through the handle. This helps reduce the risk of the blade coming loose and helps to make it more durable.

As for the handle, this is made from rubber and wraps around the main body of this compact design hatchet to provide you with additional grip and comfort.

This compact hatchet isn’t only portable but it is also very versatile and can be used to carry out various functions.


  • The full tang construction makes cutting up pieces of wood easy
  • It is lightweight
  • The rubber grip makes it easy to hold
  • The one-piece steel construction makes it more durable


  • Some people feel that it is too light weight
  • For some, the modern design is somewhat of a turn-off

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We hope you have found the reviews above helpful. Now let’s look at what you need to consider when you buy any kind of backpacking hatchet or camping axe.

What to Look for When Buying a Backpacking Hatchet

When you go backpacking or camping, you need to take the best survival hatchet or axe you can afford.

However, with so many models to choose from, how do you decide which one is best for your needs? When it comes to buying such equipment, there are a few things you need to consider.


You’ll probably be looking for one that doesn’t weigh a lot. Not only are these easy to carry, but they are also easy to swing and will not slow you down no matter how far you are going when hiking.

It is important to note if you go for one that is too light, you’ll need to put in more effort and use more strength as you try to cut up any wood.

It is best to choose a survival axe that isn’t too heavy but is also efficient. So be sure to look to see what kind of weight to power ratio it has. The higher the weight ratio, the higher the swing speed.

Length of Handle

You may not have realized this, but the hatchet handle’s length will decide which size is best for you.

For example, a short-handled axe is excellent for shaping wood as it is lightweight and easy to carry. However, you may find that cutting wood up for a fire isn’t that great.

On the other hand, axes with a long handle will be better for chopping wood as they will provide you with a much greater swing speed. The problem with this type of hatchet for survival and backpacking purposes is taking up more space in a backpack.

Handle Shape

You need to look closely at the shape of the handle as you need something that will not place too much stress on your hand and arm as you chop up wood. Ideally, look for ones that come with an ergonomic grip. You’ll find these types have a more comfortable finish, and so the amount of stress placed on arms and hands when using such sharp tools is reduced.

How Sharp is the Blade?

The sharpness of the blade is crucial, as those with a sharp blade will make the whole process of collecting firewood a lot easier. Look closely at the edge of the blade. Hatches with a sharp edge to the blade will make cutting through wood easier.


What is the Best Steel for Hatchet Blade?

Hatchets whose blades are made from carbon steel rather than stainless steel are much better. These are more durable, but they are also easier to sharpen to a fine edge. Plus, those with a carbon steel blade can hold their edge for longer with these hatchets.

What is the Best Hatchet For Splitting Wood?

When it comes to hatchets you will be taking camping with you, ones with a more extended handle and heavier head will produce more force when coming into contact with wood. If you intend to use yours to cut up large pieces of wood, choose one with a handle that measures 17 inches in length. As for the blade head, this should weigh around 1.75lbs.

Let’s Wrap Things Up

With such a great selection of backpacking hatchets available, it can prove challenging to decide which one is right. It isn’t that difficult, though, as the five hatchets and axes listed above are great tools to take with you on your next adventure.

The right kind of backpacking hatchet will allow you to chop up wood or kindle easily.

The real trick is to choose the right one for the job or for your specific needs. In the beginning, you may want to go for one that is lightweight and easy to carry. Of course, the more backpacking you do, you may need to go for one that is a lot heavier to be able to cut up larger pieces of wood.

We hope that our best backpacking hatchet reviews and buying guide above will help you find the best one possible for your needs.

Why not let us know what you think by leaving a comment below?


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