Which is the Best Inflatable Fishing Boat I Can Get?

best inflatable fishing boat

Would you love the opportunity to go fishing whenever you like? Of course, you might not want to be faced with all the hassle of owning a rigid fishing boat, the maintenance that comes with it, or the cost to buy such a product.

Why not consider investing in one of the many available inflatable fishing boats? Inflatable boats have become very popular with anglers around the globe. They make the whole trip a lot easier and more enjoyable.

Our detailed guide will show you five of the best inflatable fishing boats available. We also look at some of the most critical factors that need to be considered when deciding which inflatable boats to buy.

So let’s get started!

Five of the Best Inflatable Boats to Use When You Go Fishing

1. Best Compact Size Inflatable Watercraft for Fishing

First up is the Sea Eagle 285 inflatable frameless fishing pontoon that is functional and fast.

You’ll be surprised to find that this one doesn’t take a lot to inflate. It should be inflated with an air pump and ready for use in around five minutes.

Although it doesn’t have a great deal of space inside, many professionals consider it to be the best of the small inflatable pontoons available.

Being one of the smallest inflatable boats on our list comes with pedestal mounting fishing swivel seats that can be replaced with other aftermarket seats. Also, it comes with flex straps along the sides that you can use to provide additional support as you fish.


  • This small compact boat is ideal for use by just one person
  • Has enough room to allow for additional features to be included, such as a padded seat
  • It comes with 7-inch pedestal-mounted fishing seats that can be used in conjunction with other seats
  • There is the opportunity to add an electric trolling motor to it
  • You will find the process for setting it up is quick and easy


  • You may find this boat a little small and narrow
  • There is an issue as to whether it can maintain its balance

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2. Best Inflatable Pontoon Boats to Go Fishing

If you are after an inflatable pontoon boat with all the attachments a professional angler needs, look no further than the AQUOS New 11.5ft/12.5ft inflatable fishing boat.

This is one of the top inflatable boats you can buy to go fishing on in terms of its quality and performance. As with other AQUOS boats, this one comes with its carry bag, into which all parts you will use on it fit inside it.

Although it is a safe boat to use when you want to go fishing, you can fix additional rails on the side for added security.

There are a couple of clamps that allow you to do just this. It also comes with a 360-degree swivel chair to help you enjoy a more relaxing fishing trip. This seat is foldable, allowing you to create more space should you need it.


  • This is a premium quality pontoon that is favored by professional anglers
  • The inclusion of stainless steel guard bars comes in handy to provide better safety
  • The main body of this pontoon is made up of separate air chambers into which air goes and helps to keep the boat steady


  • You need to be careful when pushing it on dry land close to bushes, as the rubber tubes are at risk of tearing

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3. Best Inflatable Boat for Fishing on Calm Lakes and Ponds

If you are looking for a suitable inflatable portable boat to use when you want to go fishing on lakes or ponds, then consider the Sea Eagle Stealth Stalker STS10.

This is another one of the many great inflatable pontoon fishing boats that the Sea Eagle produces. It is perfect if you want to go fishing with a buddy and it is also easy to operate if you decide to go out fishing on your own.

The three separate air chambers help provide this boat with fantastic stability. So even though it is excellent for using on calm lakes and ponds, you will find it copes well in rougher conditions as well.

The enclosed hull also provides plenty of space to store all your fishing accessories. It is also fitted with wide boards in the base that allow you to stand up and move any equipment and accessories around inside it quickly.


  • It is very light but also very durable
  • It comes with a great seating option
  • There is plenty of space inside for you and your gear
  • It also includes two universal mounting pads by Scotty
  • It comes with motor mounts to which you can fix an outboard or trolling motor


  • It is only suitable for use on calm waters

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4. Best Inflatable Boat for Fishing for Two People

If you are looking for a traditional inflatable boat for fishing that accommodates two people easily, then the Sea Eagle Green 375fc inflatable Foldcat is an excellent choice.

This boat measures 148 inches by 54 inches wide and is ideal for two adults as it comes with a max load capacity of 650lbs.

It works well not only with gas-powered engines but also with electric ones. However, you can only use gas-powered engines on this inflatable fishing pontoon boat that produces up to 3 horsepower. Also, these should weigh no more than 45 lbs for both gas and electric powered motors.

Sea Eagle has designed this boat to allow you to inflate it up to a maximum pressure of 3.2 psi. You can inflate this particular model using a foot pump, which it comes with.


  • This is big enough to be able to provide a solid fishing platform for two people
  • It comes with 360-degree swivel chairs that have padding on the back and seats
  • It comes with a casting bar that is easy to fold away when you don’t need to use it


  • There aren’t any pockets on it that you can use for storage
  • There isn’t a special platform for battery storage

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5. Best Belly Inflatable Boat for Fly Fishing

If you are looking for a suitable inflatable boat for fly fishing trips, then FRM BOARDS inflatable Belly boat is a good option.

This, like other inflatable boats for fishing from FRM BOARDS, has been constructed from high-quality PVC and polyester. Not only does it make this one waterproof but also very durable. Plus, the risk of it getting a puncture is significantly reduced.

The three air chambers help to make it buoyant. Also, the addition of pads on the underside of this personal watercraft made from PVC that is abrasion resistant provides it with additional protection.

This boat is also fitted with one of the most comfortable seats of any inflatable fishing boat you can buy today. The inflatable seat on this boat also comes with a backrest that you can adjust to provide the perfect angle to sit at to enjoy a relaxing day fishing.


  • It is of a high-quality, durable construction
  • One of its nice features is that you can adjust the inflatable seat
  • There is extensive storage space available inside the hull to keep your angling accessories
  • It comes with an air pump to allow you to inflate it quickly
  • There is a built-in motor mounted fitted onto it which will enable you to fit a trolling motor
  • Also included are two aluminum oars


  • This is the more pricey of the inflatable options available for you to go fishing in

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As you will see from our suggestions above, inflatable boats that you can use to go fishing come in various shapes and sizes. They also come with a wide range of fishing accessories to allow you to use them for different kinds of fishing trips.

This, in turn, makes it a little harder to decide which type you should buy. However, our guide below should help you decide which one is best for your needs.

Factors to Consider Before You Buy an Inflatable Personal Watercraft

1. Boat Size

When buying this type of personal watercraft, you need to pay close attention to the size. Some can be quite large, and bigger isn’t always better.

The larger the inflatable personal vessel, the longer it will take to set up. This is one of the reasons why people with larger boats tend to keep them inflated all the time. This comes with the added problem of transporting and storing them.

Plus, you will need to fit it with a larger motor to provide sufficient power to head out across the water.

2. Weight Capacity

Like the boat’s size, its overall max weight capacity also needs to be considered, along with how many people it can accommodate.

Look closely at the information the maker of the boat recommends concerning maximum weight capacity.

A small personal watercraft that can accommodate two people should suffice for solo fishing trips. However, if you intend to take a few friends out to your favorite fishing spot, go for one that can accommodate up to six people.

3. Material Used in Construction

The materials used in constructing such personal watercraft matter a great deal. Previously, such boats were made from rubber, but now more and more are made using soft PVC or vinyl.

Although you will still need to bring along a puncture repair kit, you will find that personal watercraft made from PVC or vinyl are less likely to rip or tear. Plus, these personal vessels are also waterproof.

In addition, those made from vinyl or PVC tend to cost less than those made from rubber. So if you are on a budget, these are your best options.

4. How Portable is It?

This personal vessel is designed to be practical, making them easy to use. Most of them are very portable, but you still need to look at how big they are when stowed away in their carry bag.

Once you have placed it in the bag, will it fit easily into your vehicle’s trunk? Take note of this as well as how much it weighs once fully inflated.

Would you be able to lift in on your own, or will you need help? This is something many people tend to overlook when purchasing such equipment.


Do I Need a Boat License to Own an Inflatable Boat for Fishing?

If the boat you select comes with a built-in motor mount to which an engine that can reach speeds of 10 knots can be fitted, you will need to get a license to operate it.

Do I Need to Register an Inflatable Boat?

You will need to look at what the laws are in the state where you live with regard to the registration of this kind of personal vessel. Some states will require you to register it, and others will not.

What is Needed to Operate an Inflatable Boat for Fishing Trips?

You will need essential safety equipment such as a personal flotation device. If you intend to go out fishing at night, it needs to be fitted with lights. You’ll also need to include a fire extinguisher if you use a gas motor rather than an electric outboard motor.

Let’s Wrap Things Up Now

When picking out the best inflatable boat for fishing, there are many things to consider and many boats to choose from. Still, we hope that the above information will help you find the perfect inflatable boat for your specific needs.

Whether you have owned such a watercraft before or not, let us know what you think about what we’ve written above. We would love to hear what your opinions are.

You can also let us know if you chose any of the models we’ve reviewed above or decided to buy a completely different model altogether.

Happy fishing!


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